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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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[ male announcer ] the febreze set & refresh with scented oils that eliminate odors for 30 days so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. new at 10:00, a bay area teenager's happy homecoming after he survives an attack by a grizzly bear. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a bay area teen tells us he kicked the grizzly after he was attacked. the mauling happened saturday evening on the edge of de nali national park at the edge of
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cambridge. the 18-year-old arrived home about two hours ago, ken. >> reporter: it's been a very long day for victor martin after being mauled by a grizzly bear in the wilds of alaska. the 18-year-old is back now to a very excited family. his terrifying ordeals in the wilds of alaska has become a national tv story. >> i wasn't fun, i can tell you that it wasn't fun. >> reporter: the teen said he did not have enough time to bring out the bear repellent spray. >> i kicked him, bam you don't
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mess with me. i was scared, i was scared. >> reporter: they said they surprised the adult bear and cub while crossing a stream, triggering the life and death struggle. >> i felt everybody put their life on the line. and i had to do my part, that would only be right. >> reporter: some of his comrades are in worse shape. two are still hospitalized in anchorage. he said waiting eight hours for help was difficult. >> other than dealing with the attack, that was definitely the hardest part because the whole time i'm worried, what if the bear comes back what happens, you have two people that can't walk and i'm limping. >> reporter: martin says he still has to recover from his bite wound but is getting ready for college this fall. >> it's not my time. i still have a lot to do, a lot to accomplish. i have a lot to do in this world, it's not my time to go. >> reporter: martin's family is relieved but still shaken. one sister says she begged limb not to go to alaska. now that he's back she doesn't want him to leave again.
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ken wayne, ktvu news. a bear was shot and killed in tahoe after it wandered into a grocery store. the 350-pound bear walked up right to surprised shoppers sitting in an outdoor table. a wildlife crew captured and killed the bear. this is the third time that the bear had to be captured by wildlife workers. ktvu news uncovered new information about the two men now charged in the bryan stow beating case. norwood and sanchez appeared in a los angeles courtroom today. the arraignment was put off until next month. so his girlfriend told us over the phone that the delay is frustrating. >> i just want justice to be served. i want them to receive the maximum penalty for their actions. >> reporter: we obtained court documents that detail another incident allegedly committed by sanchez that same night for throwing something at a woman who was wearing a giant's shirt.
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and the law enforcement source tells us that fans in the same section as norwood and sanchez reported them to authorities for acting like quite belligerent aggressive -- like quote, belligerent, aggressive jerks. happening right now, a man hunt is under way in the east bay hills after an officer with the east bay regional park says he was fired at by several individuals. ktvu's amber lee is live now in near by moraga where an officer may have stumbled into a marijuana growing operation. >> we're at the demand center set up by the east bay regional park police and the search for those suspects just wrapped up. we want to show you what's going on right now. this was the special armoured vehicle used by s.w.a.t. to go in and rescue that officer that was shot at by several individuals. this all started around 6:40
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tonight and here with me is captain mike ruthental to tell us how this all developed. >> our officer at about 6:30 tonight was on patrol on the upper san leandro reservoir area of the east bay municipal utilities area. we contract to patrol that area. he was on foot patrol on one of those trails when he suddenly was under fire with multiple suspects with multi fire. he was able to return fire on those suspects and hunker down in the area. he called for assistance at which time our, regional park response team responded with our helicopter and multiple agencies. we did a major search of the area, nobody was located at the time. we were able to send the special response team in and recover the officer. they were able to get close to him and recover him out with
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the use of armoured vehicle. once he was recovered and brought back to the incident command most here, he was debriefed and the s.w.a.t. operators went back into the area with the assistance of the helicopters over head to check for any injuries persons that still may be in the area. at this time nobody has been located. our helicopter is still overhead in the area checking for anybody. nothing has been found, due to the darkness of the area and the heavily densed wooded area we'll be making special operational plans to return to the area to recheck it for injured individuals if there are any and to ascertain what the grow operation of this incident occurred. do you know the magnitude of this grow operation and is there history in this area. >> i do not know the magnitude of this grow operation at this time. there is history in the area here where there have been grows in the last couple of years. we eradicated one possibly last year before that we had one
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where we actually had photos of armed individuals that were guarding the grow operation. >> reporter: thank you very much captain. again the officer that was shot at was not injured. they called off the search for the suspects because it's too dark and too dangerous for law enforcement to remain in sight. they said they will go back tomorrow when the sun is up to go out and see how extensive this grow operation is and hopefully locate some of the people that shot at the officer. patti lee, ktvu news speaking softly . -- speaking softly today, the mother of a teenager who was shot and killed spoke out. the medical examiner says the bullet that killed harding did not come from a police gun. investigators suspect that harding shot himself when he fell although the gun has not
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been found. the family's attorney says they are skeptical due to what he call it is police departments quote shifting story and they want to review all of the evidence. >> i'm angry and i'm hurt and i want the truth. and i want justice to be done. >> chapman says her son had come to san francisco to meet with family and friends and with a record producer. police in seattle say he is a person of interest in a killing that took place just a couple of days before that shooting in the bay view. the u.s. postal service is considering closing up to 10% of its postoffices to cut costs. the postmaster general is expected to release a list of 242 postal services. the postal services lost eight billion dollars last year. officials say they are now looking into putting postal facilities inside local businesses, town halls or community centers. still no solution to the debt crisis. but with the clock ticking the
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debate went live this evening on national television. as karen kaifa reports, democrats and republicans each have their own plans and as the president said this evening, compromise seems to be a dirty word. >> reporter: president obama reenforced the potential dangers if the debt is not raised by next tuesday august 2nd. >> we would risk sparking a deep economic crisis. this one caused almost entirely by washington. >> reporter: the president addressed the nation and his political opponents in prime time and how speaker john boehner delivered a rebuttal. >> the situation is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants another blank check. this is not going to happen. >> reporter: this showed that the dualing party still stood pretty far apart. >> by protecting medicare, medicaid and social security
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and providing a long term extension of the debt ceiling of the markets they are looking for. >> doesn't deal with the biggest drivers of our deficit and our debt and that would be entitlement programs. >> reporter: president obama reiterated support by the plan unveiled by harry reid on monday. raising the debt ceiling through the end of 2012 in one vote. but boehner's plan calls for two votes with the second next year and only if congress votes for entitlement reform. some senate leaders say behind the scenes bipartisan talks continue in the hopes of reaching a resolution. in washington, i'm karen kaifa. 20% of americans stress about their debt all or most of the time. 29% worry about it some of the time, on the flip side 46% say
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debt is hardly ever or not a worry. the remaining 5% are debt free. the poll also found that overall debt related stress has been up sharply since november. the new gay marriage law is being challenged in court. opponents say the law did not go through a vote. supporters of marijuana legalization received the okay to begin collecting signatures to put a new initiative on the ballot. voters rejected a similar bill last december. it would also tax sales of marijuana. proponents need to collect 500,000 signatures. and back here in less than 10 minutes, the fog is reforming at the coast. there's a shot for some drizzle
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and temperatures they're eventually going to go up. one bay area is receiving tens of millions of
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a two acre grass fire broke out in the south bay today. the fire started near monterey
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highway in south san jose near coyote creek. crews got there just before 4:00 this afternoon and were able to put the fire out. no word tonight on what may have started that fire. >> a lot of cities in the bay area are facing serious budget deficits, but it's just the opposite in palo alto which has had a real windfall. lloyd lacuesta tells us city leaders are deciding what they should do now with tens of millions of the dollars. lloyd-- >> reporter: frank, the palo alto city council right now is meeting in city hall trying to cope with a situation that no doubt other cities wish they were facing. this south bay city is trying to figure out how to spend an extra $40 million. >> i would like to see more parks, more library, things like that. but also some things like infrastructure. >> i guess if it's enriching the community, i don't see why that would be a bad thing personally. >> reporter: the money comes from stanford university. the city and the school had a deal, approve the expansion and redevelopment of the stanford
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medical center and the university puts 40 million in city coppers. >> the relationship with stanford university and the city has always been one that's pretty close. and they get a benefit for that. >> reporter: is this a proquo. >> we get community benefits in exchange. >> reporter: if money must be spent in housing programs and green initiatives. there will be three installment payments. one this sum and two more payments in january 2012 and 2018. however it's spread out it comes in a time as palo alto is predicting deficits of $7 million in each of the next fiscal years. >> we want to use the money smart and we want to be able to leverage it so that we can perhaps multiply the impact of the contribution. >> reporter: the city is not expected to make any spending
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decisions tonight, under consideration is setting up a economy made up of both stanford and the city to administer the allocation of the money. live in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. we now know the names of two men arrested in at shooting that left an 11-year-old girl fighting for her life. the men are anthony lasarus and tony dupre of san francisco. she is now in critical and stable condition. the coroner identified the victim of a shooting, he was identified as guzman of palo
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alto. police say 20-year-old christian fuentes, 19-year-old jaime cardenas and fidel silva are all persons of interest in those cases. >> we can see the kind of violence and the kind of damage they can do in a short period of time. >> police also believe the three may have recently committed a series of violent crimes in colorado. the man suspected of carrying out those twin attacks in norway appears in court today as norwegian officials lowered the death toll from 96 to 76. anders breivik is seen right here, breivik said two cells remain. but his attorney says that breivik told him he acted alone. and his father says that he is sickened with what he did. the morningers denounced the
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anti muslim and anti immigrant sentiments expressed by breivik. some undocumented immigrants in california will now get help paying for college. governor brown signed the california dream act into law today at los angeles city college. it allows private organizations to provide financial aid to students who enter this country illegally. brown said he is inclined now to support a future measure that would allow those students to receive public fund. the contributions of gay leaders leaders such as harvey milk could be pushed out of classrooms. the bill ensuring that the contribution of lgbt people are included in educational materials. governor brown signed it into law earlier this month. the nfl season is back on.
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represent atives for the players agreed to a deal. >> reporter: the gates to the 49ers camp in santa clara will reopen tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. for players and this year's football coaches. players and representatives approved a new 10 year collective bargaining agreement after working out issues such as the length of the contract, sharing revenue and a salary system for rookies. >> first order of business is you know start seeing our players. get knee to knee and eyeball to eyeball with them. that's the thing i'm most excited about. >> reporter: some 49ers players work out at san jose state university and had heard about the agreement. >> it's been such a circus the last few weeks. i think that finally get confirmed word that there has been progress and an agreement has been made is a good thing. >> reporter: it's not just players who feel that way. santa clara is building a new
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stadium and negotiating with vendors and business, the lockout was not helping. >> there's going to be a lot of extra money coming in from the nfl. things are going in the right direction, but by all means you have to have football going. >> reporter: the last time he heard the lock out was over he came to the camp facility and was kicked out. this time he wants to hear it from the coach. >> until then, i'm not going to go get rejected like i did last time. >> reporter: the coach says all players including morgan will be welcomed tomorrow. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the raiders training facility was bustling with activity today. the team had to arrange for moving vans to transport equipment and make accommodations for the players. training camp is set to begin on wednesday. right now we have no fog along the coast.
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we've had fog for a number of days on the coast. i have clear conditions out in ocean beach. that does not mean the fog is coming back because it is. overnight tonight the fog will return. temperatures right now are on the mild to clear side. 66 out in crawford, it was a mild day today. temperatures tomorrow almost exactly the same maybe a little bit warmer. here's the computer models, tonight at 10:00 brings the fog back. in the morning commute, not a lot of fog. then the fog comes back to the coast by lunchtime. we'll have your complete forecast. but it includes a day tomorrow a lot like today with a warming trend in the five day forecast. police are investigating two burglaries at two school computer labs. the same mateo county sheriff's department -- the san mateo county sheriff's department
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says that the thief tore a hole in a screen. they won if world series and today the giants earned a trip to the white house. >> we should do something like this every day. look at all this. the praise they received from president obama. >>
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president obama hosted the world champion san francisco giants at the white house today. as ktvu's fred inglis tells us, the president pointed out a similarity between he and one of the giants. >> congratulations to the giants for winning their first title in 56 years. >> reporter: it took more than eight months but president
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barack obama finally hosted and toasted the world series champion san francisco giants. >> manager bruce bochy, once called them a bunch of misfits and cast offs, let me take a look at you. >> the president even saw similarities between himself and two time cy young winner tim lincecum. >> america learned that sometimes it's a good idea to vote on the skinny guy. then there's the guy with the beard, i do fear it. >> reporter: obama also praised the team for their commitment to community and charity programs. >> that's what this team is all about. character is with character so once again i want to congratulate this team and wish them all the best of luck in the rest of the season, unless the white sox are in the world series. >> reporter: before heading to philadelphia the giant's presented the president with several gifts.
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>> we should do something like this every day. look at all this stuff. this is good. >> reporter: the giants wouldn't mind a return to the white house themselves, maybe same time next year. i'm fred inglis. has more images from today's meeting. mark ibanez will have more on the white house visit including the president's comment about the giant's unique character. pge is hoping to close two high power plants. one of the plants are in bay point, two are in pittsburg and two are in antioch. closing the plants would reduce gas emissions by 200,000-tons a year. it's unclear what would happen to the employees working at those plants. the bernie mack festival is getting a little more popular with age. the event is already sold out.
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this is the first time the 25- year-old festival has sold out in advance. no tickets will be sold at the gate. free nummi rides in one parking lot of san francisco. a group of people handed out coins today to help pay the fare but also for something less obvious. >> it's been very difficult. >> reporter: family memb
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a woman is recovering from a serious head injury after a bicycle accident at mount diablo state park. it happened this afternoon at
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summit road. fire officials haven't said exactly how the bicyclists was injured but they say she was air lifted by helicopter to a near by hospital. a lot of teens think that wearing bicycle helmets is not cool. tonight a push in pacifica to get kids to strap them on. heather holmes is in pacifica, where the death of a 15-year- old boy is sparking renewed focus on bicycle helmets. >> reporter: it's estimated 20% of kids usually wear a helmet despite evidence that they reduce head injury and deaths from bicycle crashes. police here in pacifica tonight say a helmet could have made a difference in a recent tragedy. tears and hugs tonight along palmeto avenue in pacifica. it was here where crosley was struck by a mini van while riding his bike. >> he was a good kid, he did not deserve to die.
12:01 am
>> reporter: the sophomore was not wearing a helmet. he died the next day. >> i know that having a helmet would have lessened the injuries or saved his life. >> reporter: police do not plan to file charges against the driver calling it a tragic accident. today they stress the importance of helmets. >> this goes to show that something bad can happen. someone riding his bicycle to get together with friends can all of a sudden have a tragedy just occur. >> reporter: days after the teen's death. >> how come neither one of you guys have helmets on? >> i don't think about it when i leave the house. >> reporter: we found a classmate without the protective gear. >> i know it's dangerous, i just, i don't -- i just usually don't. >> this is a 661 evolution carbon helmet. >> reporter: the key is to get a helmet kids want to strap on. >> a lot of kids love wearing
12:02 am
these guys just because the darth vader look. they look tough in them. >> adult riders too, last week a 25-year-old bicyclists suffered severe head trauma and died after she was struck by a truck in san francisco and frank and julie, she was not wearing a seat belt. reporting live tonight, i'm heather holmes. only on 2, 22-year-old mark mcgovern remains hospitalized at san francisco general hospital. this is video of the first and last game he played on treasure island june 26 in which players don't wear pads or helmetsful during the match between the kelts it appears an opposing player hit mcgovern on purpose. >> it's been very difficult. it has been the worse day in
12:03 am
our lives. >> reporter: 27-year-old patrick poura is a person of interest in this case. powers hired an attorney and has refused to talk with investigators. witnesses say they saw powers yell at mcgovern and heard him say quote, he won't get up from that. netflix shares were up about 1.8% at the close today but took a 10% dive after hours after the company reported revenues of $179 million which was $2 million less than analysts expected. netflix is moving forward with plans to integrate with facebook. users in canada and latin america will be able to begin using netflix on facebook this fall. a contract forbids the disclosure of people's video rental information here in the
12:04 am
united states. the re-examination of the legality of napa's old red light camera won't start tomorrow as originally scheduled. in may, a superior court judge ruled the red light camera program in 2009, in 2010 violated state law. that rehearing has now been postponed until august. however a new red light program is gearing up and could start within weeks. the city believes the new language of the problem will relieve problems of the earlier program. community activists is hoping a few quarters will wake -- ktvu's rob roth tells us how free rides ings a little easier tough part of town. >> reporter: standing on a nummi platform in the bay view district today, three church pastors were pan handling in reverse, instead of asking for change they were giving it. the money went to help passengers pay their nummi fare, 75-cents to $1.
12:05 am
>> so much tension in the community, we're calling this our tension relief campaign. >> reporter: that tension is over the recent shooting of kenneth harding jr. a parolee who police say they had stopped for possible fare evasion in the t line. the confrontation erupted into gunfire which left harding dead. the ministers say they bought fares for more than 200 passengers today. >> i don't have $2 to get on the bus. not everybody has $2 to get on the bus. >> reporter: we road the t-line and saw that evasion strike as nerve on people. >> i saw officers stop a young man for not having a transfer. >> we want to make sure people feel safe on nummi. >> reporter: the t line has the highest number of assaults and robberies on the nummi system.
12:06 am
>> someone just took my stuff from my purse. and they said only because i have a purse it's open season. >> reporter: the officers will be out here tomorrow and through the rest of the week handing out nummi fares. rob roth, ktvu news. police are warning dog owners not to leave their pets in cars when it's hot outside. this sign is now outside the livermore cosco telling people to leave their pets at home. in recent weeks the department has had more than 20 calls from the public reporting distressed dogs in cars many at the cosco parking lot. >> don't leave them in the car, not even for five minutes. >> reporter: police warn cracking windows is not enough. on a hot day temperatures can hit 120 degrees in just 10 minutes. one woman is facing animal cruelty charges after her dog had to be rescued from her car. arnold schwarzenegger heads
12:07 am
to twitter to discuss his son's injury. we'll be back here in just a few minutes. the fog is reforming right now and i'll let you know which neighbors can see it first thing
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an iconic san francisco movie theater is closing for good tonight. tonight's final two shows sold out. the single screen theater opened in july 1980 and over the years became a local landmark but in recent years, dvds and other new technology caused the establishment to lose business. >> i think it's part of the
12:10 am
story, movie theater, bookstores, record stores we're watching them close one by one and it's very sad to be part of that story. >> reporter: the owners say they hope to use the space for community performances in the future. arnold schwarzenegger says his 13-year-old son christopher is doing well after a body board accident. he thanked well wishers in a twitt today. christopher schwarzenegger suffered a collapsed lung and broken bones in the accident which happened at a beach in malibu last month. the un plans to begin air lifting food into somalia. the air lift is around a ban. tens of thousands of somalis have already fled to other countries. there's word that hundreds of
12:11 am
children died on the trip. in libya, the government of gadhafi accused nato of bombing a hospital and killing seven people. a reporter said journalists have not been able to see any of the bodies. one man said they were all doctors and nurses. recent air strikes were ailed at military targets. in london, the parents of late singer amy winehouse visited with mourners today outside her home. winehouse's father thanked the fans for their support saying their love is helping the family. police say an autopsy did not determine winehouse's cause of death and they're waiting now for toxicology reports. a private funeral for the 27- year-old singer could be held as early as tomorrow. school districts across california are getting an extension on whooping cough immunization. secondary students can now show proof of immunization up to 30
12:12 am
days after the first day of school. students seven through 10 must show proof they've received the vaccine. california health officials have confirmed the state's first human case ofwet nile virus this year. a man in santa barbara county was hospitalized but is now back home. the virus is spread by mosquitoes. last year california saw more than 100 human cases of west nile virus. a dozen california counties have reported bird that died from west nile virus. here in the bay area, ten dead birds found in santa clara county. a mosquito also came back positive. one dead bird has been found this year in contra costa county. way off course, the two whales found far from sea. and bill
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a grey whale and her calf have wandered far from home. as john fowler reports they need to find a way out soon, in fact, it may already be too late. >> reporter: not where you expect to find gray whales, the climate rivers 6 miles from the sea. a mother and infant stranded for at least 28 days. earlier today, scientists told me the calf swam toward the sea. >> if the calf has been separated from the mother at this age, the calf may not be able to survive on its own. >> reporter: the mother appears immaceuated. experts say here in the bay area such excursions are relatively common. you might remember two years ago a mother and calf nicknamed delta and dawn. >> the mother and calf hump
12:16 am
backs strayed 90 miles off the sacramento river, listed as endangered, the law required attempts to save them. >> they got the whale to turn around in hollow water, that was a hump back. >> reporter: but the grey whales are no longer endangered. >> we actually still hunt them, japanese. any effort we can make. >> reporter: grey whale numbers are increasing but these two may the die. >> it's tragic in individual sense, but over all for the health of the population of the species i don't think it will really matter too much. >> reporter: 22 years ago another mother with a calf nicknamed bubble stayed in the climate six months. some wonder if this is bubbles with her own baby. whale experts say they will try to herd the mother to see but that she may be confused searching for her calf. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu news. there are questions tonight
12:17 am
why a actor abruptly ended a camp for actors. >> ♪ >> reporter: these girls were part of trevor weaver's acting camp in san ramon. they were supposed to perform last wednesday when they learned that weaver abruptly cancelled their performance. >> we worked so hard then we got knocked out. >> reporter: the kids may have been disappointed but the mothers ran to action. the teachers all say they are out money. if maker of blackberry cell phones announced big cuts today, research in motion says it is cutting 2,000 jobs in an effort to cut costs. that's 10% of its work force.
12:18 am
the company is also shuffling some of its the production. the stores look like you're typical apple store but from the building design to the employees in blue shirts. authorities also found three other fake apple stores in the area but couldn't do anything to them because they didn't find any fake apple products for sale. interestingly enough there's no fog at the coast yet but it will return tonight and there'll be some in your neighborhood along the coast and the immediate bay. what we have is a significant sea breeze. that's a live buoy reading, west-northwest 22 gusting to 26. it's blowing pretty strong. winds around the bay right now are relatively light. tomorrow's temperatures are going to look a lot like these. these before the highs from today. the initial weather service
12:19 am
highs taking at many of the big airports. san francisco airport and taken out at the bigger airports in concord. as we go into the next 24 hours, very similar conditions to what we saw today. so overnight lows tonight in the 50s. fog coverage for a good part of the coastal sections and right around the bay. the coast highs it's going to look much like today. 70 out toward lafayette. out toward mount diablo then you get your low 80s out toward discovery bay and even the mid- 80s as you get out to brentwood. just kind of a nice day. below average temperatures. then we get a little heat in the four corners areas that intensifies a little bit. we'll come up a good five to 6 degrees on wednesday. that begins a slight change.
12:20 am
fire danger has been bearable for this time of year. the air quality has been good. that weak low has been lingering. that continues to keep moist cool air in the inland bay valleys. and certainly at the coast and that helps to squish fire danger. of course fire danger always high in the bay area. we don't get rain in the summer so our fire danger is always high. but this pattern has really been helpful. if you don't like the pattern there's the upshot. pattern continues as we go into the end of the week and into the early weekend. but still, when you look at low 90s on the high end, that's really not, for this time of year. you expect to see mid-90s, upper 90s in the inland bay valleys. just mild weather. >> setting a pattern huh. the absence of a clear funding plan in washington means beginning today the faa can no longer collect taxes from airline ticket purchases. passing the savings along to
12:21 am
consumers, airlines are now increasing fares up to $30 each way then pocketing the difference. spirit, hawaii and alaska airlines are among the few that chose not to raise prices. come tomorrow, a long range electric car will be released tomorrow. karma is a four seater powered by electric motors that can be augmented turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps.
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a university of wisconsin professor took home top price for the best possible opening line to the book in this year's worse writing contest. sheryl's mind turned like the veins of a wind turbines into pieces that turned into forgotten memories. writers turn in their own work. >> that is a mouth full. >> pretty bad. when it comes to the a's script tonight it was a good
12:25 am
one. >> they're looking a little bit better of late. playing with a little more spunk of late certainly. again some of the best the east has to offer. tampa tonight, there is some heat in those bats after all as they begin a seven day home stand. they had a pretty good hitting weekend in new york. cliff pentington two one shot, tampa will take the lead. upton has been talking about some trade rumors. that's an rbi triple and the rays build a 5-2 lead. however, something we're not used to seeing. the late rally with the a's. a key hit. conner jackson with the bolt to deep left center nearly leaves the yard as it is. it's a two run double and the a's go up for good. the ball game just complete a few moments ago. 7-5 your final.
12:26 am
giants were off today but you know when you're a champ you ride on and to the white house. the entire team and various luminaries invited to the capital for a visit with the commander in chief president obama. delivering many a one liner but he also spoke seriously about the entire san francisco giants organization. >> you know this team is a little different. even though these players haven't always followed the traditional rules. one thing they know is how to win. maybe some of that wisdom comes from the all time greats who never won a series. but know that being a giant means being a giant for life. >> all right, meantime this is great. another decade will pass before football fans will have to hear about a collective bargaining agreement again. with the labor issues pretty much settled, it's kind of like
12:27 am
a two minute drill for all nfl personnel. now players continue informal practices as the niners did today but they're going to be going to camp at the end of the week. let the fun begin for the fans. free agency, rosters decision, preseason football and then the real deal, the players are pretty pumped about it too. >> this is a relief that i get to do what i do now. just get to go get better. i just go compete. it was nice being up here but it really, there's no competition. you know you're just really up here perfecting your craft and staying in shape. >> that's the sporting life. and you guys i was up in napa today and you know a few of the players getting ready for camp up in the raiders facility up there. you can certainly tell an nfl player when they're walking around a grocery store. they're huge. >> big arms, yeah. >> huge as you saw on those pictures there. >> thank you, mark.
12:28 am
>> you got it. ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow. they'll be following on that search for a gunman in a marijuana growing farm. and our ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are.
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